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    DECT Cordless Range extender RTX

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    Used to extend the coverage/range of a DECT cordless base station, up to double of its capacity.

    Also know as DECT REPEATER


    llows the coverage &/or range of a base station to be extended, without the need to install additional wired base stations.  Deployment of repeaters can also allow traffic in high usage areas to be ported across to bases stations, allowing a flexing of capacity.  The technology is reasonably straight forward but sales volumes are small compared to the mass markets for cordless telephones.  Thus, at the start of 1999, these products are primarily being supplied by small players who have chosen to focus on these as niche markets, rather than by the major players. 

    Caracteristicas Destacadas:

    • Can add up to 50m (300 meters in open spaces) the range of a DECT base unit.
    • Automatically sincronizes to the base station.
    • Allows 2 simultaneous conversations.
    • Compatible with FLEXIVOZ DUO mini Cordless PBX Systems & most of the DECT units complying with GAP norm i.e. most of the DECT Cordless phone manufactured after 2003.



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