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    High Capacity Answering Machine Tiptel 540SD

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    State-of-Art Answering Machine

    Proabably the best answering machine in the world.




    • 3 individual OGMs, max. 3 min. each - switchable with/without recording
    • 1 fixed OGM (English, French, German, Italian, Dutch) with recording
    • 16 hours recording capacity (extendable)
    • 999 ICMs maximum
    • LCD, alphanumeric, 2 x 16 characters, backlit
    • Caller ID, direct callback from caller list
    • 2-way recording (fully automatic or by keystroke)
    • Up to 64 hours recording time (with an optional 2 GB-Card)


    • Message transfer to any pre-programmed phone number (e. g. to a mobile phone)
    • Most simple archiving of incoming messages and automatic 2-way recordings
    • Recordings on exchangeable memory card (512 MB for 16 hours included)
    • Alphanumeric display with 2 x 16 characters for comfortable user guidance
    • Speech memory in environmentally-friendly Flash technology (batteries not necessary)
    • 3 individual outgoing messages with up to 3 minutes recording capacity each
    • Calling line identification presentation (CLIP)*
    • Call list for 30 entries*


    • Excellent recording quality due to slight speech compression, total recording capacity 16 hours (extendable)
    • Recordings on exchangeable memory card
    • Up to 64 hours recording time (with an optional 2 GB-Card )
    • 2-way recording (fully automatic or by keystroke)
    • Environmentally-friendly Flash memory technology (batteries not required)
    • Extremely low power consumption in the idle state (less than 2 W)
    • ”Plug & answer” by pre-recorded outgoing message
    • Calling line identification presentation (CLIP)*
    • Caller's phone number can be dialled during the message playback by simply pressing a key (direct dialling)*
    • 4 outgoing messages (1 pre-recorded, 3 individual, recording capacity 3-180 secs. each)
    • Activation of answering mode after 2 to 9 ringing signals (adjustable)
    • Recording length of each call 1 to 5 minutes or unlimited
    • Voice-day-and-time-stamp (documentation of date and time for every incoming message)
    • Visual signal for new incoming messages
    • Call pick-up from a connected telephone possible
    • Skipping and repeating of incoming messages (”skip function”)
    • Deleting of individual or all messages

    Message transfer:

    • Automatic dialling of a pre-programmed phone number on receipt of new incoming messages; remote control is possible
    • Up to three attempts in case of busy line

    Call list*:

    • Call list for the last 30 calls with documentation of weekday, time and phone number
    • Dialling from the call list

    Loudspeaker / conversation recording / dictate function:

    • Loudspeaker during recording
    • Conversation recording during the call
    • Dictate function for recording of memos via the integrated microphone

    Remote control:

    • From any tone dialling telephone
    • Individual 4-digit security code
    • Free-of-charge remote control pre-interrogation
    • Voice-guided operation
    • Remote control for all or only for new incoming messages
    • Modification and change of outgoing message texts
    • Activation / deactivation of the answering mode
    • Room monitoring
    • Loudspeaker function
    • Activation / deactivation of the message transfer function
    • Message-code: message recording even in the announcement-only mode, skipping of longer messages possible
    • Counter for calls and incoming messages in the display
    • LED for indication of activated answering mode and new Iincoming messages


    • Multilingual: selection of several languages for the display texts and the pre-recorded outgoing messages
    • Dialling monitor: indication of the dialled phone number of the connected telephone

    * if CLIP function is supported by the network and – if applicable – by the telephone system and if phone number is transmitted


    Technical data:

    Dimensions (W x H x D)


    tiptel 332 SD:

    180 x 50 x 190 mm

    AC adapter:

    53 x 68 x 44 mm




    tiptel 332 SD:

    400 g

    AC adapter:

    270 g


    Operating voltage


    AC adapter:

    230 V / 50 Hz

    Power consumption in the idle state:

    < 2 W



    Ambient temperature:

    0 – 40 °C


    Outgoing messages (OGMs)


    Number of OGMs:


    Length of OGMs:

    3 sec. - 3 min.




    Recording mode:

    A-Law 64 kbps

    Sampling frequency:

    8 kHz

    Number of recordings:

    max. 999


    Memory cards


    SD, MMC:

    32 MByte to 2 GByte

    Recording capacity:

    some 2 minutes per MByte




    Display of phone number:

    Dualmode DTMF / FSK


    Call list:

    30 entries


    Data retention after power failure:

    > 10 years



    Quartz clock



    alphanumeric LCD 2 x 16 characters, backlit


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